Located in Ankara, Turkey, on a 4 million square meters area with a state-of-the-art industrial facility of over 296.000 square meters under roof.

The Company has a modern aircraft facility furnished with high technology machinery and equipment that provide extensive manufacturing capabilities ranging from parts manufacturing to aircraft assembly, flight tests and delivery.


TAI rapidly continues its “R&D” and “Software” activities, which started in March 2003 at the Middle East Technical University (METU) Technology Development Zone known as “Technocity.” The R&D and Software activities, which were initiated with a staff of 30 people over an area of 300 square meters, continued at the new R&D buildings at Technocity.

The construction of TAI R&D buildings, which started in April 2004 in METU Technocity, was completed in September 2004. The TAI R&D buildings, which are established on approximately an area of 3500square meters, were put into service in November 2004. In time, most of the software development activities, which were carried out at TAI, were also transmitted to the buildings where R&D activities had started to be performed with 200 personnel.

Consultant professor and student support from universities will increasingly continue for R&D projects, which will be carried out at Technocity. Thus, TAI will continue R&D activities with the universities in line with Technology Development Zone Law No: 4691 and bring theory and practice together in order to reach the final product.


TAI' s social facilities, which cover an area of 650.000 square meters, has a housing area, for its employees, with a total of 800 flats in 50 four-store blocks in three different types. Let alone the restaurant and the cafeteria, the housing area also has a lot of playgrounds for the children of employees.

In addition to the housing area, the social facilities have a kinder garden, primary school, guesthouse, shopping center, sports center and a mosque.

The five-store guesthouse, which has both a restaurant and bar, consists of a total of 150 guest rooms and one conference room for meetings and special occasions.

The TAI shopping center, which is open seven days a week, has a total of 17 shops, among which are hairdresser, pharmacy, bank, post office, grocery store and cooperative.

At the sports center, the employees not only can play table tennis, basketball and volleyball, but do gymnastics and relax in the sauna as well. In addition to the sports center, the social facilities also have two outdoor tennis courts and soccer fields.

Furthermore, there is a picnic area, spread over 80.000 square meters, with walking and cycling tracks around.